Welcome, Students and Faculty!

Meet your library staff. No, seriously – meet them. Your academic future depends on it.

The library is one of the major resources available for Scott Community College students (as well as the public at large). Getting to know and use this resource is essential for students who want to make the most of their time in school. Learn what it takes to be a great student. Your library staff is here to help you.


Kathleen Kiger is our full-time staffer. With a degree in history, she knows a thing or two about research and study strategies. She’s also super friendly! Feel free to stop in to ask her questions or just say “hello!”



Melita Tunnicliff opens each morning and is with us during the busiest part of the day. An experienced library employee, she’s an expert on our own collection as well as other libraries and their services about town. Can’t find a book in our catalog? Melita knows how to track it down.


Tabatha Baker (Right) works mid-day. With a background in writing, publishing, and archive work, she’s an excellent resource when it comes time to write that research paper.


Melanie Hanson is our evening worker. She has taught English classes at the college level (including here at Scott) and is happy to cheer you on through those long evening study sessions.


Michelle Bailey is our library director. Major decisions pass over her desk. Would you like to request the newest edition of a book series? Or use library space for a club meeting or event? Is there a new service you’d like to see made available? Ask Michelle.

Come visit us soon!


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