Resources for Health Science Students

Students in the health science programs at Scott Community College, which include nursing, dental, health information, surgery technology, imaging, testing technology, transfer options and the many certification programs, have access to a wide range of resources at the library.  From electronic databases to books and journals to anatomical models, we provide a variety of tools to help our health science students succeed.



Journal Articles

EBSCO   ebsco-logo2

Our EBSCO databases are our recommended resource for searching for health science topics.  EBSCO databases have a high percentage of peer reviewed journals among health and medicine journals.  Our collection of journals in EBSCO is stocked with journals that are not available without a subscription, so you get access to many journal articles that you can’t find for free by searching online through Google or other search engines.

When you run a search in EBSCO, it is set to retrieve just the articles that we have available in full text.   Depending on your topic, you might want more choices.  If you need additional articles to select from, uncheck the box for Full Text to see articles that can be ordered through interlibrary loan.  (Not familiar with this?  Just ask the library staff for help!)

Academic OneFile academiconefile

Academic OneFile is another major database with a great collection of health sciences journals.  Academic OneFile indexes quite a few high quality open access journals in addition to journals only available with a paid subscription.

Not sure which database to search first?  Sample searches in EBSCO databases and Academic OneFile showed that Academic OneFile returns more search results on health science topics, but EBSCO databases return more search results from journals that can only be accessed with a subscription.  They are both excellent for health sciences, but you will find more articles in EBSCO that you can’t find for free.embargoes

Like EBSCO databases, searches in Academic OneFile default to results with full-text articles available; if you want to see other articles, uncheck the Full Text box.  We can get many articles through interlibrary loan free of charge.

Ovid ovidsplogo-390x170

Through the Ovid platform, you can access nine of the top nursing journals in full text, including AJN (American Journal of Nursing), Nursing, and Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!  These subscriptions provide the latest issue as soon as it’s published (no embargo period).  If you’re in one of the nursing programs, get familiar with the Ovid collection—you’ll love it!

PubMed pubmed

In addition to the databases we subscribe to at Scott Community College, health science students should be familiar with PubMed, the world’s largest index of health science publications.  PubMed can be accessed on a variety of devices and is free to use, so it can be used throughout your career, even when you don’t have access to other library databases.  While there are limited full-text articles available through PubMed, it is one of the best resources available to those in the health sciences for learning about research in their field.  In fact, health professionals around the world consider this the standard resource for doing research.  Not all health science journals are fully indexed; the National Library of Medicine staff index a selection of approximately 5000 high-quality publications in a collection referred to as MEDLINE.  Inclusion in MEDLINE is generally a sign of a reputable journal, but not all journals that are excluded from MEDLINE are poor quality.


Films on Demand filmsondemand

Films on Demand is a database of streaming videos, mostly educational.  For health science students, it’s particularly good for finding out more about specific specialties and career fields.  There are also professional education videos for health science staff, which can provide more in-depth understanding of concepts and procedures.  Also helpful are videos on foundational topics like anatomy and physiology.  If you’re struggling with learning a particular topic, Films on Demand’s educational videos can provide a different learning method from textbooks and help bring depth to your understanding.


eBooks/eBooks and eAudio eicc-college-libraries

RiverShare (the group of libraries in Iowa for the Quad Cities, Scott County, Clinton County and surrounding areas) has two collections of ebooks:  academic and public library.  The link to the academic ebook collection (through the link that just says eBooks) has an excellent assortment of health sciences books, especially for nursing students.  There are test prep books available here as well.  Search by subject or click on Subjects in the top left-hand corner and select Medical under Non-Fiction.  There are a few options through the public library collection as well (for this, click on the link that says eBooks and eAudio).  RiverShare ebooks are also searchable in the library catalog; limit to Electronic Resources or Ebook after searching.

Credo Reference credo-reference-cors-2014-purple-hor

Credo Reference is best used as a starting place for general research.  This database is primarily comprised of ebooks in the fields of sociology, history, psychology, business, art, literature, and philosophy.  It contains reference books on health and medicine, science, and math, which can be extremely useful for looking up concepts and terminology.  Credo Reference does not contain journal articles.

EBSCO  ebsco-logo2and EBSCO eBooks Mobile App ebscoebooksma_logo

You can find ebooks from EBSCO through the same EBSCO link you use to access EBSCO journals!  Run a search in EBSCO, then limit to ebooks or try the EBSCO eBooks Mobile App. To access the eBooks Mobile App, click on the EBSCO link, then select the app from the list.

Gale Virtual Reference Library galevirtualreferencelibrary

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is similar to Credo Reference in that it is comprised of a collection of ebooks and is strongest in the social sciences.  While it doesn’t have a wide variety of health sciences books, it does have some on nursing.


CQ Researcher cq-research-logo

CQ Researcher is a different type of database, with articles written on controversial topics by top journalists, rather than journal articles or ebooks.  This is an excellent choice for research for a position paper.  Articles reference primarily online resources and open access journals.  Generally, CQ Researcher does not reference publications that require a paid subscription to access, so this is not a great database to use for finding scientific studies or evidence-based care support.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context opposingviewpointscontext

Similar to CQ Researcher, Opposing Viewpoints in Context provides articles on controversial topics.  However, it also draws from academic journals found in Academic OneFile.  It’s a good resource for researching contemporary issues in the health sciences, but will likely need to be supplemented with a search of the articles in the EBSCO databases for additional research studies when evaluating health science practices.

Print Books Books616.edited.jpg

To find books on your field, search the library catalog.  Access this through EICConnectMenu →  LibraryCatalog or through the library page of the website.  Our library catalog is connected to the RiverShare catalog, covering Iowa libraries in the Quad Cities and Scott County and outlying areas.  To find books that are in the Scott Community College Library, be sure to limit your search to just our library.  If you prefer to look at books throughout the RiverShare system, you can have books sent to the Scott Community College Library to pick up.  For more information on using RiverShare, please ask the library staff.  To check books out, you need a library card from Scott Community College Library or one of the RiverShare libraries.


Print Journals

We receive print subscriptions to several health science journals, including:

  • JADA (Journal of the American Dental Association)
  • Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
  • Nursing Outlook
  • Clinical EEG and Neuroscience

There are no embargo periods with our print journals.  We keep an archive of several years in the rolling stacks in the library, and any issue except for the current one can be checked out.

Anatomical Models anatomicalmodelcollage-2

The library has 20 different models, including a full skeleton, individual bones, a muscled figure, and various organs, available for use in the library.  A library card from the Scott Community College Library or one of the RiverShare libraries (such as Davenport Public Library, Bettendorf Public Library, Scott County Libraries) is required for checking out these materials to use.  We have several study rooms for quiet individual study or group study of the models.


The library has scientific calculators available for one-day checkout (Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus).  Like other library materials, you must have a library card to check these out.  They must be returned before the library closes that same day.

Test Prep

Learning Express Library learning_express_library

Learning Express Library is a great resource for students taking the TEAS, nursing, nursing assistant, dental assistant, surgical technologist, EMT, paramedic, and other exams.  To use this resource, first log in to EICConnect, then go to the Electronic Resources under Library found under Menu.  In order to access the test prep and practice modules, you will first need to create an account using an email address and password of your choice.  To search for tests, enter the name of the field you’re going into, such as nursing, dental, or surgical.


Test prep books can be found using the library catalog.  They are shelved with other books about the specific health sciences field.


See the RiverShare academic ebook collection described above.


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