Explorers in the Library

All explorers use maps. Even when Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana Purchase, they weren’t totally flying blind. For example, they knew as-sin-wati (now called the Rocky Mountains) was there, they just weren’t sure how wide or long the range was. They knew there was a river that emptied into the Pacific, but they didn’t know how deep or shallow it could get.

When you explore a new subject, you also use maps. An outline is a map for an academic paper. A research strategy is a map for gaining new knowledge.

Below is a map of our library at Scott’s Belmont campus. It includes details about our collection and resources.


There were many times when Lewis and Clark’s expedition could have ended in tragedy were it not for help they received along the way. Start with your map, and if you get stuck, let us know. We’ll help you find the way. We’ll be your Sacagawea.

The map is also available for PDF download here: Belmont Library Map, Jan. 2017

Have any questions? See anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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