Get Your Student I.D. and Library Card

Why get a student I.D.?


Now that we have your attention – seriously, you can save at local businesses by presenting your Scott Community College student ID card. We have a list of participating businesses available on EICConnect > Menu > Campus Life > Student IDs > SCC Student IDs. Even if a business isn’t listed, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they offer student discounts. Some businesses choose not to advertise their discounts.

You may get a student I.D. from the Kahl campus (2nd floor information desk) or the Belmont campus (at the library’s circulation desk). A current class schedule or registration is required. You may bring in a hard copy or access EICConnect from one of our 24 available computers. After that, much like the DMV, we take your picture in front of a blue screen and then print your card out right there. This process generally takes less than 5 minutes.


The finished product looks like this.

In addition to savings and proof that you’re a student at one of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, your I.D. can also serve as a library card.

SCC’s library is part of Rivershare, a consortium of public libraries in and around Scott County. A library card from any Rivershare library will work to check out our materials. Should you live in Illinois or not already have a library card, however, we can make one for you out of your student I.D.

Applying for a library card is easy and takes about as much time as it does to get your I.D. We require a driver’s license with a current address as well as a half-page application for our records.


So. Easy.

Once you’ve filled out your application and we’ve entered it into the computer, we stick a barcode on the back of your student I.D. You now have a library card! Not only can you check out books from our Belmont campus, but you have an account that you can use with our online catalog to request materials for hold.


On this card, the barcode and barcode number have been altered to protect patron privacy.

To login, use the number below the barcode on your card as your username. Your password is the last four digits of the phone number you used on your application.


Click to visit our online catalog.

Once you login for the first time, you may reset your username and password.

To recap: You student I.D. is magical because:

  • It saves you money.
  • It can transform into a library card.
  • It literally takes less than five minutes to obtain.

Do you have your student I.D.? If not, what are you waiting for?


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