Printing Services: A How-To Guide

The average student can easily print off 100 pages worth of material per semester, and some classes require a much greater amount than that. So it pays to:


The library has one combination printer-copy machine located near the entrance.


Follow the giant red arrow.

How Do I Print/Make Copies?: A Hypothetical Q&A

Q. How do I send a document to the printer?

A. First thing’s first: pull up the document you want to print on one of our 24 available student computers. Make sure your document has a unique filename. You’ll need to know the filename when you go to release it from the printer. If you don’t know the filename, there’s nothing anyone can do to help you.

If your document is just called something like, “Document 1,” it’s best to save the document to the computer desktop or the libprint (P:) drive. Retitle your document using your own name. Or your dog’s name. It doesn’t matter – you just need to be able to tell which document is yours when you go up to the printer.

Q. Okay – I’ve renamed my document “Patty McHamburger.”

A. That should be sufficiently unique.

Q. Cool. Now what?

A. We’ve tried to make printing as easy as possible – you usually just have to find the print icon in the program you’re using (for example, in MS Word, the print icon is located a the top of the screen; it can also be found under the “File” tab) or hit Ctrl+P. However, if you get lost, we’ve printed more detailed instructions on white sheets of paper and posted one behind each computer monitor in the library.


Q. I think I sent it to the printer. What now?

A. Mosey over to the printer – but don’t close anything down on the computer before you’re sure your document made the journey. Refer to the yellow card to the left of the printer’s touch screen. Once you’ve successfully sent your document to the printer, it should be listed on the touch screen. If you don’t see it, you may have to scroll down the list. Otherwise, double-check the directions and make sure the computer you sent it from is logged into Windows as “scclib” – not as “student.”


Q. Does it cost anything?

A. Ten cents per image; this means that if you print single-sided pages, it’s 10 cents per page, but if you print double-sided pages, it’s 20 cents per page.

Q. Where do I pay?

A. There’s a vend station to the immediate right of the printer. The vend station only likes nickels, dimes, quarters, and single dollar bills. If it gives you any problems, let one of the library staff know. We’ll show it who’s boss.

Q. Can I pay for my printing with a card?

A. Not with a credit or debit card. Yes, we know: that would be handy. Fortunately, for those of you who don’t like to carry cash or change, you do have the option to add money to a card specifically designed for use in the printer. The card itself is free. If you have money left over on it at the end of the semester, we can reimburse you. However, this card does not have your name on it, nor is it attached to your student account. If you lose it, it’s just like losing an envelope full of cash.

Q. But I need this now and all I have is a twenty/I have no cash at all! Whatever shall I do?!

A. That might be okay. We keep some smaller denominations on hand to make change. If you have no cash, there’s an ATM upstairs directly across from the information desk. Don’t worry – your document will still be ready to print when you get back.

Q. What if I accidentally printed the wrong thing?

A. It is your responsibility to make sure you print out the correct document. That’s why we tell you to name it something unique, like Spoggles von Pringleberry.

Q. Now I need to make a copy of these notes. How do I do that?

A. There are a couple of difference methods. 1) If you have multiple loose pages with clean edges (that means NO notebook paper), it’s most efficient to use the feed tray. Insert your pages into the feed tray right-side-up.


There’s an additional set of instructions on the copier lid to guide you.


2) To copy book pages or notebook pages, lift the entire lid and place the pages you want to copy against the glass plate right-side-down and flush with the upper-left corner of the plate.

The next step is the same for each method: press the button labeled “Copy” and follow the screen prompts.


Q. Is there special paper available?

A. You mean like a special color or size? Nope – we don’t have any available. If you have a certain type of paper you’d like to use, ask a staff member for assistance.

Pro-tip: It’s better to complete your printing at least a day before you need it than battle the morning printer rush.

Now that you’ve gotten to know your library printer, be sure to get acquainted with the other printing stations on campus. Even if you haven’t used them much yet, you’ll be glad you did come finals week.


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