School’s Out (For Friday)

Yes, it’s true. Students, do not plan to attend classes on Friday, February 17, 2017. The buildings will be closed. Your instructors will not be here. The library staff will not be here.

What gives? Why, it’s Development Day, of course!


The core of the community college mission is the value of life-long learning. Just as Scott offers special programs and symposiums for students, opportunities for professional growth among faculty and staff are important to ensure that our institution continues to better educate and serve the community.

This is a two-fold bonus for students. First, this specialized training is designed to help faculty and staff at all levels – from administrators to instructors to support staff – to develop more accessible and more effective methods of education. Second, the college is closed, so you have a rare day off from your classes.

A day off from class doesn’t mean you have to deflate your brain, however. An hour walking around the Village of East Davenport is a great way to observe the principles you’ve learned in your economics class. Drop into a lunch hour yoga lesson and ponder the chapter on group dynamics you just covered in your psychology course. OR stop into the library today and check out a documentary DVD, grab a novel you’ve wanted to read, or learn a new skill – our end caps this month all feature craft and hobby books.



So while your instructors spend the day exercising their teaching skills, take advantage of your day off and work on your own development. Learning happens anywhere and at any time. Let’s all work together to make it a priority in our community.


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