Non-Media Items for Checkout

Most people hear the word “library” and immediately picture a room full of books, but the modern library is less about monastic study and more focused on community engagement – what do our visitors need? For example, the Chicago Public Library loans fishing rods and tackle. Iowa City residents can borrow original artworks for up to eight weeks, while Ann Arbor Michigan’s public library members can check out power tools.

We may not have a green screen in our collection like Skokie, Illinois’ public library keeps in their digital media lab, but we try to make sure we have the items students and faculty of Scott Community College most need.

Anatomy Models

In addition to Homer the skeleton, we keep a collection of articulated limbs, skulls, musculature, organs, etc. for hands-on study. These models are on reserve, meaning they can’t be removed from the library, so they’ll always be here when you need them. A full list of available models is available for download in PDF and Excel spreadsheet.



We’ve added two non-graphing calculators to our collection, bringing us to a grand total of eight calculators. Remember, if your instructor requires you to purchase a calculator, do so. We carry calculators in case someone runs over yours in the parking lot or your toddler drops it in the toilet on the day you have a test. You may borrow our calculators for 24 hours at a time – but beware! A graphing calculator costs $120 to replace. It’s best to only rely on them for emergencies.

Head Phones

You can learn almost anything with online instructional videos. In fact, many of our instructors make use of them as part of their lesson plans and/or homework, and we love our Films On Demand filmsondemand electronic database. That’s why we provide headphones. Now you can leave your tangled ear buds at home and still catch up on SNL’s YouTube channel during your morning break.

Flash Drives

If you’ve ever lost or erased one of your important files, you understand how important it is to have a back-up, as well as a back-up for your back-up. We have flash drives for you to borrow when your document is too important to trust solely to the cloud.


One day, someone realized that hauling around a bag overflowing with books isn’t very good for the spine. Now, we have nooks – the magical little machine that allows you to carry your own library wherever you go without the orthopedic drawbacks. The nooks are great for viewing eBooks, like the ones we have in our own catalog (accessible via your Electronic Resources on EICConnect).

Have any suggestions? We’d love to hear them! We’re probably not going to start loaning slankets and soccer goals like they do at Yale’s Lillian Goldman Law Library, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lobby for a basketball or a few board games. What would you like to see added to our collection? Let us know in the comments!


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