Resources for Business, Management and Supervision Students

Business classes at Scott Community College attract a high percentage of students. With entrepreneurs spearheading local and regional economies, we encourage our students to get ahead of the pack and stay there by learning how to navigate the multitude of information available to start-ups, small business owners, corporate managers, management consultants, client group supervisors, division section heads, etc.

We recently posted on our Facebook page this article about Elon Musk and the 8 books he credits with his success. Similar billionaire book lists appear on a near weekly basis. There’s a good reason for this. These wildly successful people place high value in education and reading. Visit the library to find out why. Here are some of the resources you should check out while you’re here:

Traditional Media

Print Books

The majority of our books on accounting and business studies are devoted to management and are found in the 650s in the Dewey decimal system. Our psychology (150s), ethics (170s), social science (300s), and business writing (808) sections also contain the portions of our collection most relevant to a business student.

You can download a partial list of some of our favorite business and accounting books as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. See our library catalog for more materials.

Remember: we share a catalog with other RiverShare libraries – that is, public libraries in and around Scott County that are members of the RiverShare consortium. You may use your card from a RiverShare library to check out books from our collection and vice versa.


“Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.” This modern adage is based on the tendency for business-owners and operators to buy products with a familiar brand name rather than researching which product is actually best for them and for their business. That’s why we love Consumer Reports, the monthly publication devoted to product research, testing, and reporting to inform the buying public.


Our DVD collection features a few titles that cover business and economics. A list of these titles is available for download as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet. If you would like to see our collection expand, we’d love to see your suggestions in the comments.

Electronic Resources

To use these resources, first log in to EICConnect, then go to the Electronic Resources under Library found under Menu. These are resources unaffiliated with SCC and some require creating a new username and login prior to use.

Digital Video Database

Films on Demand filmsondemand

Billionaires love books, but everyone needs a reading break once in a while. Fortunately, Films on Demand is chock full of brand new documentaries and newsreels dating back to 1900, lectures and interviews with industry leaders, independent and corporate documentary films, and more. You can view a full-length educational video, binge on a series like “Ethical Markets,” or snack on some 3-minute leadership training clips.

With thousands of results, it helps to narrow it down. Fortunately, you can search by multiple subjects using the Advanced Search option located underneath the search bar.


Sign up to create your own free account and make use of the “My Films” feature to keep track of your favorites.

You can also use the sidebar on your list of returns to filter by video type, approximate copyright date, production companies, and languages. Full videos sometimes list segments in a drop-down menu, giving you a chapter list that tells you what to expect from that video.

Databases and Digital Journal Articles

Pro-tip: sometimes an article in one of these databases will come with an abstract. This is a summary of the article that tells you exactly what information you’ll find after a full reading. Always. Read. The. Abstract. Nothing’s worse than reading a 6500-word article only to discover it has nothing to do with your topic.

EBSCO ebsco-logo2    

EBSCO is the monster of all databases. Clicking the link under our Electronic Resources takes you to their general databases as well as some specialized databases, such as the Small Business Reference Center smallbusinessrefcenterebsco,which offers everything you need to start your own business from scratch. The Start-Up Kit and Business Plans link offers sample business plans, how-to guides (such as how to request a loan and write your own business plan), sales revenue forecast, and more. The SBRC also offers industry information and eBooks for every type of business imaginable, from major corporations to small non-profits. Should you start a corporation or stick with a limited liability company? Will you need to work with independent contractors? How should you market your business? Whatever you need to know is here.

Among the other EBSCO software packages, EBSCOhost is one of our favorite database aggregators because 1) we’ve stocked it with journals that are not available without subscription, so it’s full of information you can’t find for free via Google, and 2) there are so many search and filtering options. If used correctly, they vastly decrease wasted research time – no more slogging through unrelated articles for you!

For example, you may search for “leadership” AND “management”. If you only want peer reviewed results, select “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals” located under the section labeled, “Limit your results.”

Additional forms and selections below involve each individual database. These are most useful if you’re going to look at one or two databases at a time. Remember, EBSCOhost searches several databases at a time. If you’d like to limit yourself to one or two, click on the link that reads “Choose Databases” located right above the search form. Some are very specific – such as the database of Civil War Primary Source Documents.

When you run a search in EBSCO, it is set to retrieve just the articles that we have available in full text.   Depending on your topic, you might want more choices.  If you need additional articles to select from, uncheck the box for Full Text to see articles that can be ordered through interlibrary loan. (Not familiar with this?  Just ask the library staff for help!)

To learn more about how to use these tools, check out our post about the EBSCO databases.

Academic OneFile academiconefile

Academic OneFile is another major database with a great collection of journals. Though its crawler doesn’t offer quite as many pre-search filtering options, you can perform an advanced search.

Most of the filtering options in Academic OneFile are available after it’s already retrieved articles on your search topic. Given that, this database may be most helpful to someone who isn’t quite sure what they’re looking for yet.

For example, after you’ve retrieved your search results, a side-bar titled, “Content Types” will appear on the side of your screen. At the bottom of this bar is the Topic Finder, next to a little color wheel icon. This tool finds the most common words and terms from the retrieved results and suggests related subjects. If we use “Accounting” as our search term, the Topic Finder tells us that articles containing this term also tend to contain the term “Financial Report.” Further still, articles that contain “Accounting” AND “Financial Report” also often contain terms such as “Quality,” “Proposal,” and “Cash Flow.”

See our post on how to use AcademicOneFile for more information about how to use these tools.


eBooks and eAudio eicc-college-libraries

The best part about eBooks is that you can browse the extensive collection, then check out one or two (or 30) eBooks without ever leaving your couch.

(photo: screengrab of business book search. Caption: You never have to stop learning.)

RiverShare has two collections of eBooks:  academic and public library. The link to the academic eBook collection (through the link that just says eBooks). There are a few options through the public library collection as well (for this, click on the link that says eBooks and eAudio).  RiverShare eBooks are also searchable in the library catalog; limit to Electronic Resources or eBook after searching.

EBSCO eBooks Mobile App ebscoebooksma_logo

This app is designed to interface best with your smartphone and tablet. Accessible through the EBSCO link under the “Electronics Resource” tab, you’ll find it just below the Small Business Resource Center. Sleek, simple, and user-friendly, this library is heavy on social sciences and cultural studies, with 664 titles under the subject “Business and Economics.”

Gale Virtual Reference Library galevirtualreferencelibrary

The nice thing about the Gale Virtual Reference Library is that its interface is very similar to Academic OneFile’s, so if you’re familiar with one, you can quickly learn to use the other. The GVRL is comprised of a collection of eBooks, returning materials similar to what you may find in EBSCO’s collection of business and accounting-related material.

Credo Reference credo-reference-cors-2014-purple-hor

Credo Reference is best used as a starting place for general research.  This database is primarily comprised of eBooks in the fields of sociology, history, psychology, business, art, literature, and philosophy. There are also reference materials for mathematics.

Check out our post on how to use Credo to find out more about this resource.

Research and Paper-writing Help

ProQuest Research Companion proquest

In the business world, accurate information can be the difference between success and bankruptcy. The ability to find the information you need is an essential skill.

ProQuest helps you develop effective research strategies with an easy step-by-step process that covers finding information, evaluating information, and making use of information. It answers questions like, “How do I avoid plagiarism?” and “What do I look for when I revise?”

Test Prep and Skill Practice

Learning Express Library learning_express_library

Improved math, writing, test-taking, and study skills are all a few clicks away. The Learning Express Library offers several online “centers” – such as the Career Center and the Computer Skills Center – designed to help us continue learning at every stage in life.

Other Electronic Resources

Country Watch countrywatch

Listen to a financial analyst talk long enough, and eventually he’ll use the term “globalization.” Every industry must deal with the international community on some level, even if your company is not multinational. If the price of coffee in Colombia skyrockets, the little coffee shop down the street may suffer. It is prudent, therefore, for business owners to keep an eye on global politics – especially in countries where a drought or an uprising may have repercussions on a business’ operations.

Have suggestions? We’d love to hear them! Stop in for a visit or write us a message in the comments!


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