English as a Second Language and Materials for New English Speakers

English is a weird language. It borrows spelling, pronunciation, and sometimes whole words from other languages – some of which no longer exist. The rules apply unless they don’t, and then even the exceptions come with exceptions.

There are things about the English language that baffle even native speakers, so we empathize with non-native speakers learning to read, speak, and write English. At Scott Community College’s library at the Belmont campus, we keep our English as a Second Language (ESL) materials separate from the rest so it’s easier to find what you need.

From workbooks to literature, DVDs to CD-ROMs, we have ESL materials geared toward all levels of learning. We’ve made sure to label by level, as well, to assist you in finding the materials that best suit your needs.


A partial list of our available materials is available for download in PDF or Excel Spreadsheet.

ESL books list (some books come with audio supplement): PDF or Excel spreadsheet

ESL DVDs full list: PDF or Excel spreadsheet

We also have audio books available in-house (with titles such as Pronounce it Perfectly in English and English in the Real World) as well as eBooks and audiobooks in our electronic resources, such as EBSCO Mobile ebscoebooksma_logo and EICC’s online audiobooks eicc-college-libraries!

To use these resources, first log in to EICConnect, then go to the Electronic Resources under Library found under Menu. Some of these resources are unaffiliated with SCC and may require creating a new username and login prior to use.


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