Expressway to Knowledge: Using Learning Express Library

Learning Express Library learning_express_library  isn’t just for traditional students. With guidance in math, reading, and writing skills (among others), Learning Express Library offers several “centers” geared toward specific milestones, from your school years to your late-in-life challenges.

Managed by the State Library of Iowa, Learning Express Library is an EBSCO company. EBSCO is the granddaddy of all databases. Before Google or Yahoo! or even Ask Jeeves, EBSCO was how students conducted research using digital files. The bottom line is that the people who developed this site know what they’re doing.

To access Learning Express Library – as well as our other online resources – first log in to EICConnect, then go to the Electronic Resources under Library found under Menu.

The College Center

Learning Express Library College Center

This will probably be your first stop. There are several review sections, the highlights of which are accessible under the Guidance and Resources dropdown menus at the top of the screen. For full review sections, see the scrolling menu at the center of the screen, which lists the Math Skills Review, Reading Skills Review, Grammar and Writing Skills Review, Science Skills Review, Prepare for Graduate School Admissions Exams, Prepare for College Placement Exams, and Prepare for the CLEP® Exam. Click the arrows to scroll left or right.


Each of these sections offers multiple review resources, including eBooks, practice tests, and tutorials. Most of them also contain their own subsections. The Math Skills Review, for example, offers practice sets in the following mathematic disciplines: algebra, basic math, calculus, geometry and measurement, trigonometry, statistics, logic and reasoning, and – everyone’s favorite – quantitative comparison and word problems!


You may have noticed the links next to each practice test that prompt you to login or register to use these services. Worry not – registration takes less than 30 seconds. Simply fill out this form:


Not literally this one – this is just a screenshot.

…and that prompt will turn into a Launch button.


Be sure to read directions carefully. Some features have multiple options. It’s best to make sure you’re using these features correctly and with the settings that will be most helpful to you.



In addition to the college center, Learning Express Library also offers:

The Adult Learning Center

In addition to basic math and reading skills necessary for everyday life, the adult learning center also offers “Public Speaking Success in 20 Minutes Per Day” and guidance becoming a United States citizen.

Career Center

Whether starting your career, switching to a new one, or seeking to advance your current career, this center has everything you need to get you on the right path with confidence.

Learn More About a Career, Prepare for an Entrance Exam, Prepare for an Occupation Exam (i.e., certifications in various fields, from health to air traffic control, and cosmetology to law enforcement), Join the Military of Become an Officer, Job Search and Workplace Skills, and Prepare for the WorkKeys® Assessments and the TOEIC®.

Computer Skills Center

Technology advances every day whether we’re paying attention or not. Whether you’re familiarizing yourself with computers or trying to keep up with the latest software, this center is the perfect starting point.

Getting to Know Your Computer (including safety and maintenance), Get Started with the Internet (including social media tools), Popular Software Tools (including all of Microsoft Office), Learn Computer Graphics and Illustration, and Understanding Your Operating System.

Recursos Para Hispanohablantes

Para nuestros estudiantes que hablan Español, Learning Express Library tiene recursos como Mejore sus hablandides escritas, orales y gramaticales, Sea major lector, Desarrolle sus habilidades matemáticas, Prepáparese para el examen de GED®, y Sea ciudadano estadounidense.

All of these centers, and more, are available at Learning Express Library. Explore the possibilities!


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