Get the Fax (and Scan) at Your Library

Though fax machines and scanners may seem like ancient technologies to some, many organizations – such academic institutions and government agencies – still require faxed and/or scanned documents.

Making use of our fax machine is super easy. All you need are the document(s) to be faxed, a recipient fax number, and a cover sheet. The cover sheets are available at the circulation desk.


They look like this one.

Pro-tip: Our cover sheets have our phone and fax numbers on them. If you don’t want to use the library’s fax number as your return number – that is, if you’re faxing personal information and don’t want the response to be sent to the library – please make sure the fax recipient knows that. We have provided you with room on the cover sheet to write comments like this to your recipient.

Using the scanner does not require staff assistance. We have one scanner that is always accessible to students in the second set of computer terminals.


We’ve posted directions for using the scanner alongside a notice about copyright laws. Please note that it is your responsibility to read and understand copyright law if you are going to scan something. Remember, copyright infringement/counterfeiting is very serious, carrying the potential for fines and even prison time.



Fear not these mysterious machines. We make them easy to use at the Belmont campus library. Stop in and visit!


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