Country Watch: Website to the World

Country Watch

If your studies have any international component, you can find a wealth of information in our Country Watch database.  It’s an excellent resource for statistics and data about different countries, but also is updated with current events and policy briefings on a daily basis.  It provides both quick facts and more in-depth exploration of just about any topic with a global aspect.

To access Country Watch, log in to EICConnect and click on Library under the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the page.  Click on Electronic Resources to see all of the databases available to you from your computer or mobile device.  If you’re using one of the computers on campus, you can also access these from the Library home page (click on “A list of electronic resources can be found here”).

  • CountryReviews provide information on the politics, economics, social conditions, and environmental factors on each country.  Most CountryReviews consist of about 200 pages of information!  The reviews also include unique indexes comparing different aspects of countries; look for indexes of perception of government corruption, life satisfaction, economic competitiveness, and human development, among others.
  • CountryWire is your source for news from nearly anywhere in the world.  The news stories are pulled from international and local news sources, providing more complex and varied information than is normally found in most American news sources.  It’s particularly interesting to see the perspective of stories from the viewpoint and cultural context of different nations.
  • CountryData supplies data on economic and industry factors such as government budget, trade exports, and agricultural production, as well as demographics such as population.  These can easily be compared across countries or years using the menu selections.
  • CountryMaps contains standard physical/political maps (updated frequently) as well as thematic maps that apply data from CountryWatch Data (CountryData).  Thematic maps include religions, literacy rates, life expectancy, water availability, and more.
  • Political Intelligence Briefing and Political Intelligence Wire provide current information, policy updates, and news highlights.  The Political Intelligence Briefing includes a national spotlight, information on highlighted government and politics, and updates on elections occurring around the world.  The Political Intelligence Wire is updated weekly with a selection of news stories.   These would be good sections to visit regularly to help increase your awareness of global events.
  • Global Guide consists of stories written about specific issues and events occurring around the world.  Interesting Facts presents tidbits about changing nations.  Learn more about… covers key political concepts such as globalization and nationalism.  International Hot Spots provides overviews of areas affected by problems or unrest.

The site even provides information on how to cite articles and information—look for the Citations tab.

Our subscription to Country Watch does not include all features, but the home page provides access to premium content on a rotating basis.


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