Resources for Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Students

As students in Scott Community College’s Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics programs, you’ll likely find that the most important features of the library are the 1) Automotive Service Excellence practice test books and 2) paper-writing materials and assistance for general education courses.

In addition, due to frequent use of online resources such as ShopKey and ALLDATA, you should be acquainted with the library’s combination computer terminal/study corrals that help you maintain focus.


No distractions. All genius.

We also encourage you to practice other methods of research, whether you decide to make use of our specialized electronic resources, reacquaint yourself with the Dewey decimal system, or just fine-tune your GoogleFu with advanced search techniques.

No one knows everything, especially in an industry where the hardware is constantly evolving. Knowing how and where to find the information you need is invaluable to your career. Come visit us in the library and learn more about the resources available to all Scott students as well as those accessible to the general public.

Traditional Media

Print Books

Students seeking to earn a certification in Automotive Service Excellence should take every opportunity to practice for ASE tests. A list of books related exclusively to automotive service and including practice test books (of most of which we have 2-3 copies) is available for PDF and Excel spreadsheet download. You may also browse books with the Dewey number 629 in our Non-fiction section.

A list of additional print books related to transportation and logistics are available for PDF and Excel spreadsheet download. This list is more general and includes books about logistics, transportation history, air and water travel, and the robots you’ll work with when you manage space freighters on their way to the Martian colony.

For more titles, use our online catalog. We share our catalog with all RiverShare libraries, so anything you find in the online catalog may be on our shelves or in another local library. Click the “Find It” icon to see where the title is located, and then use your local library card to place a hold on the title and even have it sent to our campus free of charge. Transfers usually take about a week.


Our collection features multiple magazines and trade publications we subscribe to for the benefit of our TDL students as well as the rest of the college. We keep current issues of MOTOR, Motor Trend, Cycle World, Consumer Reports, and the Consumer Reports Buying Guide out. You can find back issues (we keep these titles for two-to-five years) in the rolling stacks.

MOTOR is an American periodical (not to be confused with the Australian publication of the same name) specializing in automotive data for professionals. Centered in Troy, Michigan – a.k.a. Motor City, USA – MOTOR currently keep the world’s largest database on all motor vehicles class 1 through 8, and many of their staff are ASE and/or I-CAR certified.

Motor Trend is a more popular periodical. That is, it is leveled more at the general public than at industry workers. As a tool, however, it can be quite useful. Knowing what vehicles will be popular with the public (as well as the pros and cons of those vehicles) can prepare you for the coming future. Some of you may be too young to remember when Ford released the Pinto. After reports of fuel tank fires and a subsequent public outcry, 1.5 million Pintos were recalled and modified. Some specialists likely spent weeks – or months – working exclusively on Pinto fuel systems.

Cycle World is the world’s most-read motorcycle magazine according to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. It covers racing, technology, equipment, trends, and more.

We recommend Consumer Reports and the Consumer Reports Buying Guide for reasons similar to our subscription to Motor Trend: it pays to anticipate industry demand. Both of these publications also cover a wide range of products, some of which you may need in practicing your specialty.


Students in the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics programs may be disappointed with the number of industry-related DVDs in our collection. Please feel free to suggest titles to us in the comments here, on our Facebook page, or just come into the library at Belmont and pay us a visit!

Current titles include:

Hybrid Auto Repair Series (DVD 629.287 HYB) – Hybrid Safety Issues, Hybrid Engines: History and Development, and Common Hybrid Components.

Who Killed the Electric Car? (DVD 629.22 WHO) – Is electricity the future of transportation? According to the makers of this film, the auto industry is part of a conspiracy to keep electric vehicles off the market. Is their argument valid?

Pinto Fires: The Living Case (DVD 371.91 PIN) – This documentary covers the aforementioned Pinto fires and focuses more on business ethics than mechanics. There is a great deal of discussion about the vehicle itself, however, and the process of a corporate recall.

Electronic Resources

Most of these resources are subscription only, meaning they are only accessible to current students. A few are available to members of RiverShare libraries (a consortium that includes the Scott Community College Library), meaning you may continue to use them as long as you have a public library card. To access electronic resources, first log in to EICConnect. Then, under the left-hand side Menu, click on Library and select Electronic Resources.

Learning Centers

Learning Express Library learning_express_library

Has it been a while since you’ve had general education classes, such as math and English? No problem! Learning Express Library has resources designed to assist learning at every stage in life, with multiple online “centers” that have something for everyone. Your best bet will be the College Center, which features tutorials, lectures, and practice tests in areas like writing, reading, and multi-level math, from the basics all the way up to calculus. See our post on Learning Express Library for more information.

Research Databases

Academic OneFile academiconefile

Speech and writing classes often require research as part of an assignment. Academic One File is a user-friendly database that collects articles from thousands of academic and peer-reviewed journals worldwide. It’s basically a one-stop shop for all of your research needs. See our post on Academic OneFile to learn more about how to make the best use of this amazing tool.

CQResearcher cq-research-logo

This database offers original reporting and analysis and features extensive article pages averaging about 12,000 words each. Browsing by topic takes you to reports on transportation, science and technology, and international trade and development.

These reports come with footnotes for further exploration and bibliography on a more specific topic. For example, a page on traffic congestion in the United States mentions the improvement of bicycle routes to decrease motor vehicle traffic among commuters and cites a report by the Federal Highway Administration.

Short features, timelines, quotes, and pro/con debates (ex., “Should the United States continue to build highways in order to ease traffic congestion?”) round out these pages, giving you a clear picture on the facts as well as the controversy regarding these issues.

Additional Resources and Services

There are classes you may take as part of your gen eds that will require certain academic skills. Keep an eye out for workshops in the library for things like research citation rules and paper-writing strategies. We also have a writing tutor in house at certain times. Stop by the circulation desk or swing into the Student Success Center in room 2101 for more information.


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