Films On Demand

Sometimes it takes seeing a concept in action for it to click.  A video can help a tricky theory or process make a lot more sense.  For these situations, we love Films On Demand.

Films On Demand has over 19,000 streaming educational videos, covering a wide range of academic areas.  Automotive technology?  Got it.  Shakespeare plays?  Check.  The Krebs cycle?  It’s there.  It’s like a college-level YouTube.


You’ll also find documentary films, acclaimed television series, and archival news reels.  While it may not replace Netflix for your weekend entertainment binge fests—although there are videos from HBO, BBC, A&E and other big names—there’s a lot here that will be of interest.

The search and browse options make it easy to find relevant videos.  Search results show video segments, making it especially effortless to get to just the right part of a video.  Advanced Search lets you filter by subject area or video type for extra fine-tuning.

Almost all content on Films On Demand has a complete transcript and closed captioning.  Transcripts are particularly helpful when you want to cite a quote from a video, and you can search the transcripts using the Advanced Search feature to help you find even brief mentions of topics.

Note to faculty: Films On Demand is designed to be easy to embed in online classrooms.

To access Films On Demand, log in to EICConnect and click on Library under the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the page.  Click on Electronic Resources to see all of the databases available to you from your computer or mobile device.  If you’re using one of the computers on campus, you can also access these from the Library home page (click on “A list of electronic resources can be found here”).


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