Discover Hidden Worlds in Your Community

Libraries are about serving communities, and the word “community” has many meanings. Because the Scott Community College Library is open to the public, we serve the Bettendorf community. As a member of RiverShare libraries, we serve the Quad Cities and its neighboring communities. As an academic library, we serve students of Scott Community College and Eastern Iowa Community Colleges – as well as any other students we may be in a position to assist.

There are even additional communities within the college itself. For example, students and faculty in the American Sign Language and English Interpretation programs have developed their own vibrant community with a passion for deaf studies and culture, and we are thrilled to join them in celebrating Deaf History Month, from March 13 to April 15!


Stop in and learn about the fascinating world of the deaf and hearing-impaired hidden right under your nose, with cultural cornerstones and a history as rich and colorful as any nation’s.

Perhaps you already know all about this secret realm and are unimpressed. Never fear: we’re always looking for new and exciting groups popping up within our local community. We collect what we find and post it on a bulletin board right next to our printer labeled, “News, Events, and Information.”


See the brochure organizer (right) for additional community resources.

Know about a scene and want to share? Send us a message or stop in and chat with us!

And be on the lookout for upcoming Deaf History Month events! Learn a Sign, Get a Treat Day – which is exactly what it sounds like – will be on March 29, and on April 5, the American Sign Language-English Interpreting Club will host a Walking Tacos and Bake Sale. Both events will take place in the Belmont cafeteria from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.


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