Resources for Information Technology Students

Information technology students and libraries go together like peas and carrots. We all love learning, innovations in technology and media, and William Gibson’s Neuromancer.

While demand for information technology specialists has risen over the past couple of decades, so have the number of IT degree holders. To stand out, you have to make the most of your time at Scott Community College and take advantage of every resource available to you as a student. If you haven’t already made the library your second home, what are you waiting for?

Traditional Media

Give your eyes a break and sit down with a book or a periodical made with real paper. In addition to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, we have many titles that are of particular interest to information technology specialists.

Print Books

A partial list of our books on information technology is available for download as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.

The list predominantly focuses on technology developed in the past 20 years or so. For additional material, check for titles listed under Dewey decimal numbers 020 and 600+. You may also browse our catalog by title, author, or subject. We share our catalog with about a dozen other local libraries, so you have access to books beyond our own shelves.


It’s exciting whenever the new issue of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Technology Review comes in. MIT is internationally known as the birthplace of countless modern technologies. Check out the next big thing that’s going to change the world.

QBits, the Quad Cities Computer Society‘s newsletter, features news and information about local events, conferences, and businesses as well as how-tos, commentary, and editorials from area professionals.

Electronic Resources

Most of these resources are subscription only, meaning they are only accessible to current students. A few are available to members of RiverShare libraries (a consortium that includes the Scott Community College Library), meaning you may continue to use them as long as you have a public library card. To access electronic resources, first log in to EICConnect. Then, under the left-hand side Menu, click on Library and select Electronic Resources.

Coursework Help

Want to disprove that tired old stereotype about IT professionals having no communication skills? Then crush it in your gen ed classes, such as Composition I and Public Speaking with help from our online resources.

Learning Express Library learning_express_library

This digital learning assistant is composed of multiple “centers.” The College Center is your best bet, with subsections focusing on reading, writing, science, and math skills. The Career Center, Adult Learning Center, Computer Skills Center, and more are included in this digital library. Each center features video and/or walk-through tutorials, practice sets, test prep, and eBooks. Check out our post about Learning Express Library to learn more.

Digital Magazines

Science scienceonline

A peer-reviewed magazine from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, this is one of six magazines the society publishes. This online magazine has a section on robot technology, and the society even publishes and entire journal devoted exclusively to robotics.

Research Databases

CQResearcher cq-research-logo

Because technology is always changing, there’s always some new controversy surrounding it. Is cloud storage appropriate for a large business? How does one balance security/privacy and freedom of information? How responsible are companies when individuals use their online and digital services for criminal activity?

CQResearcher answers these questions and more with thorough reporting on a variety of topics. IT students and professionals will be most interested in browsing by topic: Science and Technology, which covers dozens of subjects, including Big Data, cyberbullying, transnational crime, the deep/dark web, identity theft, copyright infringement, and more.

Each topic page comes complete with an introduction and overview, additional articles, facts, pro-con arguments, further bibliography, and related topics. Basically, CQResearcher is like Wikipedia written by professionals – not by whichever random basement-dweller has the most time on his hands.

Films on Demand filmsondemand

This database is heavy with documentaries, interviews, lectures, and newsreels about breakthroughs in computing and modern technology, as well as what those breakthroughs mean for society. It’s a great option when you’re tired of reading but still want to study. Check out our post about Films on Demand for more information.


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