Libraries Transform… You into an Icon

Beginning in the 1980s, the American Library Association began working with celebrities to advocate for reading. Thus, the world famous READ poster was born.

The posters are iconic not only for their prevalence in American libraries over the past 30-odd years, but also for their wide-ranging appeal. Everyone from sports stars…


“Bo Knows” ’cause Bo reads! ©American Library Association

to Hollywood actors…


©American Library Association

… to fictional characters got in on the game.


Read in weird backwards talk, do I? ©American Library Association

The posters have even passed the truest tests of cultural relevance – parody and homage:


©American Library Association

Now, in celebration of National Library Week, you can make your own READ poster. Like so:

Bailey READ

Here’s a sample version courtesy of Assistant Dean to the Library Michelle Bailey.

Just stop into the Scott Community College Library here at the Belmont campus. We’ll take a picture of you holding your favorite book. The posters will be on display in the library for two weeks before we send them home with you – for about $18 less than the official ALA READ posters go for:


That’s zero. Our posters cost $0.

Now you can join the ranks of Captain Malcolm Reynolds (a.k.a. Nathan Fillion) in supporting knowledge, literacy, and public libraries with your very own READ poster!

You can even make a group poster, like the SCC Dental Assisting Club did:


Just like the READ posters you grew up with, making your own offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate National Library Week 2017 and its theme: Libraries Transform! Consider how libraries have transformed you throughout the years, from your elementary school library with its sun-faded Johnathan Taylor Thomas READ poster to your community college library where you’re the star.

Any time is a good time to support your local library, but the best time is right now. Stop in for a visit!


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