Come On In – We’re OPEN!

After a couple of weeks closing early, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Here are a few things you missed on the break:

We have lots of new items coming soon…

In June, we perform one of our biannual major collection expansions. While we order new material on a regular basis, twice yearly we get serious about fortifying our collection. We’ll spend the next couple of weeks looking for the highest quality media to add to our shelves. Have a suggestion? Let us know in the comments! We welcome assistance in ensuring our students have access to the best resources possible.

… and we’re eliminating some items.

Of course, expanding the collection means we have to make room for all that is shiny and new. Sure, it makes us a little sad, but the good news is that it means you can purchase great books and movies for next to nothing!

One section we’ve cleared out this round is “Travel.” Check out all the travel books available on our sale cart (just in time for summer holidays!):


Did you hear about our sale cart?

While sometimes we have to weed out materials because they’re obsolete or falling apart, anything that we can’t bear to put in recycling goes on the sale cart. Year round, you can find novels, magazines, and creative non-fiction available for less than a dollar.

We accept donations for our collection at any time.

Sometimes we weed items because we had a higher-quality copy donated. We accept donations at any time and will take almost anything as long as it’s not badly damaged or out-of-date. Don’t worry about whether or not the books fit in with our collection; we donate books we can’t use to Better World Books, which is a program that serves disadvantaged readers and scholars world-wide.

And if it’s something Better World Books won’t take, we may put it on our sale cart. All profits from the cart go back into our library budget.


Did we mention the sale cart, yet?

We’re back to our regular hours.


We will maintain our regular hours through July 18th (excluding July 4th), at which point the summer session ends. Then, we’re back to closing at 4:30 p.m. daily.

Stop in and see us over the summer!


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